21’st Century Skills In The Workplace Lunch Talk in China

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Talk Objectives:

  1. Fostering Digital Literacy:
    Empower participants with the skills to navigate the digital landscape, ensuring they are adept at leveraging technology for enhanced productivity and innovation.
  2. Cultivating Critical Thinking:
    Encourage a mindset that embraces critical thinking, enabling individuals to analyse information, solve complex problems, and make informed decisions in the rapidly changing business environment.
  3. Promoting Adaptability:
    Instill the importance of adaptability, equipping professionals with the ability to thrive amidst change, pivot when necessary, and stay resilient in the face of evolving workplace dynamics.
  4. Fostering Effective Communication:
    Highlight the significance of clear and concise communication, emphasizing both verbal and written skills to facilitate collaboration and build strong professional relationships.
  5. Enhancing Creativity and Innovation:
    Nurture a culture of creativity by providing tools and techniques for ideation, ensuring participants can contribute innovative solutions to business challenges.
  6. Developing Emotional Intelligence:
    Explore the crucial role of emotional intelligence in the workplace, guiding participants to understand and manage emotions effectively, fostering better interpersonal relationships.
  7. Building Collaboration Skills:
    Emphasize the value of collaboration by honing skills in teamwork, effective communication, and the ability to work seamlessly with diverse teams, reflecting the collaborative nature of contemporary workplaces.
  8. Instilling Entrepreneurial Mindset:
    Encourage an entrepreneurial mindset by fostering a proactive approach, risk-taking, and a strategic outlook, empowering individuals to identify and seize opportunities in the business landscape.
  9. Emphasizing Lifelong Learning:
    Highlight the importance of continuous learning, guiding participants on developing a growth mindset and embracing a commitment to ongoing professional development in a rapidly evolving job market.
  10. Addressing Cross-Cultural Competence:
    Explore the nuances of cross-cultural competence in the Chinese workplace, ensuring participants are equipped with the cultural intelligence needed to navigate diverse professional environments effectively.

Embark on a transformative journey towards career success in the heart of China’s dynamic business landscape by joining our exclusive lunch talk on 21st-century skills in the workplace. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain invaluable insights from industry leaders, refine your professional toolkit, and network with like-minded professionals who share your commitment to thriving in the ever-evolving world of work.

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More Information:

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: $1299.97  USD 661.00

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